Winner of the Concours litéraire national 2018

Romain Butti is a Luxembourgish author. After his studies in Freiburg im Breisgau, he worked as a Social Media Manager in Berlin and in New Zealand, before returning to the Grand Duchy.


Romain Butti's first play "Fir wann ech net méi kann" was written in Luxembourgish and awarded the First Prize at the 2018 National Literary Competition. The jury commended the quality of the literary expression that draws a world of poetic images and fragile characters. The musicality of the style, the density of the atmosphere and the precision of the descriptions both of the characters and of the setting of the play transport the audience in a world of obscure tenderness. 


"Fir wann ech net méi kann" was set to premiere in the Schungfabrik in Tétange in April 2020. Due to the Covid crisis, the production by director Ronald Dofing was postponed to early 2021.


A special video production - named "The end my friend" - was released in February 2021. The video project, made possible by Schungfabrik and directed by Ronald Dofing, stars Philippe Meyrer, Konstantin Rommelfangen and Annette Schlechter. The background video is by Yann Ney. "The end my friend" also features music by Bartleby Delicate.

The author appeared on RTL's "No Art on Air", where he gave insights into the video project and talked about his works.


"Fir wann ech net méi kann" was released in August 2020 (Kremart Edition).

The first publication "Ein Jahr in Berlin", a homoerotic story about love and depression


In October 2019, Romain Butti published his first novella "Ein Jahr in Berlin". It was officially presented at the Luxembourg panel on the 2019 Frankfurter Buchmesse. "Ein Jahr in Berlin", a very personal text about love and depression in a metropolis, follows the young protagonist, a recent graduate from university, who goes to Berlin in order to write the memoirs of his aunt Ida, a celebrated gallery owner from Mitte. In a bar he gets to know the mysterious Greg, and both men realize that they have something very important in common: they want to get out of civilization, out of this city that makes them unhappy. Daydreaming evolves into wild visions in which the protagonist finds himself surrounded by rough nature and draws closer to Greg. In a feverish state, he realizes that he can no longer cope with the urban jungle. Ida recognizes his inner conflict and helps him to finally leave Berlin. The protagonist gathers his last strength and sets off to join Greg on an adventure into auspicious nothingness.

In a short movie, a collaboration with KUK, Romain Butti reads excerpts from "Ein Jahr in Berlin".


Contributing to Luxembourg's cultural diversity


At the end of 2019, Romain Butti's short story "Wir dachten es ginge länger" was released in the anthology Les cahiers luxembourgeoisThe text grew from a series of poems the author wrote during his stay in New Zealand. Using a poignant yet tender poetic language, the short story calls to mind past relationships, homoerotic intimacy, sexual abuse as well as the urge to experience love and nature to the fullest. 

"Erop": Cultural creation during the Covid-19 pandemic

For their 2020/21 season, the Kinneksbond Centre Culturel Mamer as well as the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg commissioned Romain Butti as one of the authors contributing to the "Connection" project, an artistic collaboration focused on the creation of new texts and plays as well as on solidarity in times of Covid. 

Romain Butti wrote the monologue "Erop", a text in Luxembourgish for a male character. "Erop" deals with the waiting for a life full of love and the search for a time that has no foreseeable end. It raises the question of whether there is still any point in planning anything or getting involved with other people.

The monologue "Erop", performed following Guy Helminger's "Wie ein König" on the 25th and 26th September 2020 at the Kinneksbond in Mamer, was directed by Fábio Godinho. The main character was played by Raoul Schlechter, and the stage set was designed by Julie Conrad Design Studio.