Meet: Runa Egilsdottir

Runa Egilsdottir drives up to Bouneweger Stuff on her folding bike and greets me with a big smile. Our plan is to first sip some coffee before going for a stroll through the neighbourhood. The Icelandic-Luxembourgish graphic designer is full of ideas and positive vibes, and with her agency A DESIGNERS´ COLLECTIVE - which she runs together with Linda Bos - Runa produces some seriously good design you should definitely not miss out.

“It’s funny”, says Runa, stirring her soy macchiato, “I was supposed to become an architect. I sent my application to Berlin, but I was never accepted. The ZVS office wanted me to go to Braunschweig. I had no idea where that was, and had to look it up in an atlas.” Without any background in arts et métiers, Runa took the entrance exam at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp - and was accepted. “I’ve always wanted to know how I ended up with this course of studies.” After saving some cash by working part-time jobs, the passionate illustrator was able to buy a video camera and record her first art movies. Runa recollects: “I was always surrounded by different projects. When I was little, I teamed up with my friend to produce and sell a magazine that was covering news about the neighbourhood”.

Runa finished her studies as a communication designer in Trier. “I soon noticed that with this kind of formation, I could end up pretty much anywhere. You can be busy behind a computer, provide sketches and design concepts, for instance.” She specialised in typography: “I discovered this while I was studying. In typography, it’s those refinements, those small details that are very important to me.” After her studies, the creative artist moved to Paris, where she launched her magazine Sneaker-Marmalade. After that, Runa took an active part in many fields such as editorial, advertising or web design - quite often in agencies, where as a creative it can be hard to work closely with your client. “It felt too detached for my taste”, says Runa. “If you’re young and creative, it’s hard enough to get hired and to prove yourself. People are quick to put a label on you, and once you got that, it’s not easy to get rid of it.” Eventually Runa decided to make it on her own, with her very own clients and visions. Today, she always sits down with her clients, making sure there’s a personal, lively exchange. “It’s an incredible feeling to be working with a client who trust you. You create something that helps them, and you know something good and positive will come out as a result.”

“You have to work with other people, in one way or the other. Whenever I needed some help, I simply turned to other graphic designers, illustrators or web designers.”

“I’ve always been open for collaborations”, says Runa. “You have to work with other people, in one way or the other. Whenever I needed some help, I simply turned to other graphic designers, illustrators or web designers.” It’s how she encountered Linda Bos, with whom Runa not only has endless in-depth and quirky conversations, but also founded A DESIGNERS' COLLECTIVE in 2018. Its goal is to enable different creative people to work on the same project, but without acting like a typical agency and its rigid dynamics. Linda and Runa have been awarded for their project Ourdaller (Simon Pils) the German Design Awards 2018. Runa’s creative and enthusiastic approach to realising the most varied projects sets numerous very welcome accents throughout the country.

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